Wobbly legs

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Wondered if anyone has any advice
Freddie is 10half and has had been told he has Degenerative Myelopathy
He has hydro every week and Has massage on his front every 3 weeks
Still loving his walks but getting wobbly
Is there any thing you recommend like a good harness and maybe wheels or any other natural supplements

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Some great advice here. Check out the harness thread, and I would recommend the ‘Help-em-up’ harness for dogs with DM. The combination of front and back handles can be of great help, and they are comfortable enough to be kept on most of the day.
Acupuncture can also help with treating secondary compensatory muscle tension and pain, and electro acupuncture can be of help, although it will unfortunately not ultimately stop the progression of the DM.
Good luck and Kindest wishes,

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Also just been chatting to a colleague of mine, he would suggest getting a sciatic sling as it can make their feet fall better so they use the legs better.
Other things you can try is touching his legs and pads with different things i.e. feather, ice cube, pen etc as this will can help to increase the sensory nerve stimulation

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Sorry for the delay, I havent personally had to use a set of wheels but I do know people who have purchased from dogsmobiles or k9 carts both have websites. I would perhaps try a harness first though to try to encourage him to still use the legs as much as he can, often if you put them into a cart then they prefer not to use them and think keeping muscle on these legs is more beneficial, as Kathryn says we do have a thread on harnesses, it may be worth looking at a rear end harness if his hindlegs are ones to get most wobbly.
In regards to the hydrotherapy does he go in the pool or does he use an underwater treadmill?

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Sorry for the delay.. working on getting you some information on wheels/a buggy.
in terms of a harness did you manage to find one that’s working well? Back on a track and ruffware are both companies worth looking at if not..

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thats all a big help .
I give hime a food with the supplements in and on top a curcumin tablet along with a epa/dha omega tablet from pure bio
any ideas on the use of wheels and where best to get from if suitable

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