Wobbly legs

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Wondered if anyone has any advice
Freddie is 10half and has had been told he has Degenerative Myelopathy
He has hydro every week and Has massage on his front every 3 weeks
Still loving his walks but getting wobbly
Is there any thing you recommend like a good harness and maybe wheels or any other natural supplements

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thats all a big help .
I give hime a food with the supplements in and on top a curcumin tablet along with a epa/dha omega tablet from pure bio
any ideas on the use of wheels and where best to get from if suitable

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To my knowledge there aren’t any supplements that would help with the DM as such but with his age it’s very likely your dog also has some degree of OA and so a supplement designed to help this could be worth a try. Look for one containing a marine source of omega 3 as this currently has the most evidence behind it. Glucosamine and chondroitin have some basis for their use too.
I think there is a previous thread on harnesses.. take a look at that maybe but I’d say have a look at ruffware as their stuff is nice.
Also make sure he’s got a good supportive orthopaedic bed as if his mobility and ability to get up unaided isn’t great that will be really important for him to prevent pressure sores and support his joints

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