Who should I go to for an overall treatment plan and management?

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I’ve learnt a lot about arthritis and all the different treatment options and have been trying a few things with my Bichon but it’s hard to know if what I’m doing is the right combination, best for him etc. and I feel like I’m flailing in the dark sometimes. Since we moved to London, I haven’t found a vet that I like, so I don’t have a professional to keep an eye on things and who will guide me on what might be best for Ollie.
Is there a specific sort of specialist I should try to get a referral to who would be able to do an assessment of Ollie and discuss with me what might be the best treatment plan for him? We live in London but I’d be happy to travel further to see someone if it was only going to be 1-2 times. Bonus points if you know of a specific place in London or around the South or East of London.

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Hey there Louise Clark is at Davies which would not be too far for you??

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