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Scout had an avulsion fracture of the shoulder  and had his biceps tendon cut. His shoulder always remained inflamed and he had rest steroid injections cartrophen  platelet rich plasma and nothing worked. He is now on anti inflammatories and yu move and hydro etc and spcialist vet thinks he has DJD as joint taps all show mild to moderate inflammation

I know surgery is often mentioned including joint replacements.. although not seen a shoulder replacement as a common operation.  How us it decided that a dog us a suitable candidate for different types of surgery and how effective are the different types of surgery.  After my boys initial operation not being the magic fix all I think would not expect it to be a miracle and maybe that he not ready at this stage but as a young dog if its a future possibility.  Current specialist thinks he has done all he can for him at this time.

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Apologies for the delay in responding, my phone seems to give me trouble logging in and my work have decided the website is on the not allowed at work list – I have logged on properly to respond!

He had a bad few days and I think I was feeling a bit down about it all but he has bounced back

I guess was just a curious question really about how they decide when the time is right for surgery and what the options are –  in my mind I would assume should he start to deteriorate on a constant ongoing basis then more images would be taken.

He is on previcox & Yumove advance and we do physio at home and water treadmill.  He is only 5, and struggled to enjoy a 15 minute walk before the meds.   Assume also may have bad days but overall he is doing great.

I just wasn’t really sure what the surgeries available were, i.e. as you mention ‘clean up’ type operations through to joint replacements, and how effective they all tend to be.



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