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{{apimage “undefined” “”}}Hi,

My oldies weigh 26kg and 16kg respectively. How much vit D should they have a week please? At present they are getting one tablet a week but I don’t know if they need more?

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Hi Shona,

Thank you for replying. It was an article I’d read – just shows its always a good idea to check things out from lots of sources! I’ve looked through their diet and they have enough sources of vit d I think, but will chat with the nurse when Jack gets his claws done again soon.

Thank you!

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Hi SueW,

I would second all Kathryn says regarding being careful with vitamin D supplementation. Vitamin D toxicity can be fatal. On a home cooked diet it is advisable to obtain vitamin D from dietary sources such as tinned salmon, mackerel or sardines (providing no salt is added) or dairy products and egg yolks. I would advise a blood test to determine if they are deficient in vitamin D before considering supplementation. It may well be that they do not require any supplementation at all. Human vitamin D supplements are not recommended for dogs.

If feeding a home cooked diet I would advise consulting a veterinary nutritionist who will be able to take their individual needs into consideration and support you in providing the best diet possible for them.

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Hi Kathryn,

Thank you for your reply. The Muttleys are on a home cooked diet with additions like Brewers yeast, ground egg shell, vit c, home made goats milk kefir, slow cooked bone broth, chia seeds, ground flaxseed and so on. Hubby complains they are better cared for than he is 😂😂

(my phone is playing up so this may post twice 🙄)

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Hi there Sue, thanks for your question. Please be really careful giving a Vitamin D supplement to your dog as it a vitamin which can cause serious illness if given in too high of a dose. This is because it is stored in fat cells and not eliminated rapidly from the body if present in too high of a dose. Anything over 0.1mg/kg could be causing a level of toxicity. Generally, a human vitamin D supplement would never be recommended for a dog.

If your dog is on a good quality complete dog food they should be getting the quantity of vitamin D they need from this and not really require an additional supplement.

If you want to add a vitamin supplement for your dog I would look to use a canine specific multi-vitamin supplement that will have very carefully measured amounts of the products they contain. Check with our vet before adding these to the diet.

Something like complivit by vetplus may be a good option but i would get your vet/vetnurse to assess them first.

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