Vaccinations for older dogs

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My dog is 14 now, suffers from arthritis but we are managing it and all the time learning new things to do thanks to CAM. However, my question is not arthritis related but more to do with older dogs and that is there a need to vaccinate dogs of this age?

I’m of the thinking that why put something into any living body that isn’t necessary and unnatural unless there is a valid risk level or need for it. She has been religiously vaccinated every year of her life and i’m wondering if it really is necessary now as surely she would have built a pretty good immune resistance to them and is not out and about with other dogs or in many places like she used to be. In addition, is her ability to deal with foreign substances entering her body weakened now and so will put unnecessary stress on her system.

I have read opinions on this subject from vets for and against but waned to know what actual dog owners think. Given that many of us are on this site because we have older dogs I wanted to find out what your thoughts are? Is it really necessary or just a would be nice?

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There has been a great number of vets recently stating that over vaccination is happening. It happens to people too with GPs getting nice incentives from drugs companies to push(sorry I mean promote) the  cheap medications which are going to miraculously save our lives!!!! Why do the USA only vaccinate once?

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