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Hi. I’d like some thoughts/experiences on the use of platelet rich plasma/stem cell therapy for the management of oa/djd? The results on paper seem to be great (~84%) but speaking to a human orthopod, the results aren’t as good in human oa. I’d like to be able to offer effective options to my patients. Thank you! : )

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I’m just an owner with a dog – she had PRP injections into her elbow joint space back in July 2016 as we were back at the specialist after a few years needing ‘the next step of help please’.
After a week or so I found I was noticing a difference in her. Over the following month I found I could gradually reduce the level of her oral pain relief by half. This benefit lasted about 6 months ish and then another ‘next step’ was needed.

I’ve looked into stem cell treatment but didn’t feel like the process was right for Luna – the process of harvesting and having to have a period of recovery after each step, it felt too much to put her through.

She was potentially a subject for the Arthramid trials but again I decided against it because of the requirements of the trial (gait analysis etc). I wait and watch to see how long lasting any benefits of this treatment that the trials show…

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