Testosterone injections for arthritis

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I live in the United States, Florida. There is a vet that has been doing testosterone injections for arthritis for over 10yrs with a 95% success rate. He doses the testosterone according to a blood test which measures how much is already in the system. Dogs that have been fixed at 6 months generally have none or very little of that hormone. The testosterone supposedly allows the dog to replace loss of muscle to support the overall body better. He has used it for general arthritis, spondylosis and some nuerological issues. I am thinking of trying this on my boy but would appreciate any input any of you have.




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Hi there cindi. This isn’t something I’ve come across before (based in the uk) but I will ask around.

Cartianly we know that reducing testosterone level by castation early in life can impact on joint and bone development in some dogs, usually large breeds from my knowledge.

If your concerned about using a treatment like this there are a lot of other ways to build muscle strength- hydrotherapy or physiotherapy can be really helpful.

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