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Hi there I’m new to this forum and I’m hoping someone can help.  I have a 7 yr old rough collie, she has been diagnosed with bilateral shoulder arthritis, option I’ve been given are total shoulder replacement of left shoulder or fusion or management.  She is also hypothyroid, has fortnightly b12 injections, monthly cartrophen injections, and is on pardale v and gabapentin.  She cannot take nsaids.  She also has iliopsoas contracture of hind led and a dehydrated l1 s7 disk.  She still enjoys going out but she is slow and is still getting pain, so now I’m wanting to try cbd oil but don’t know which one or dosing.  I’m not having surgery on her.  Thank you for reading this long post and look forward to any help I may get

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Thanks Collie,


We are picking our way through the rules and regulations and will be back with (hopefully) some clarification for the future about the use of CBD and the laws.


For now, Collie is absolutely right, please do NOT use a product that claims to be for animal use. We would instead recommend a good quality human product that provides laboratory analysis. We will look into some manufacturers that we are happy, as a group, to recommend.


Thanks for this thread, even if it has led to much debate and research for the CAM team, we are now in a better position for recommendations going forward.

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