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Hi there I’m new to this forum and I’m hoping someone can help.  I have a 7 yr old rough collie, she has been diagnosed with bilateral shoulder arthritis, option I’ve been given are total shoulder replacement of left shoulder or fusion or management.  She is also hypothyroid, has fortnightly b12 injections, monthly cartrophen injections, and is on pardale v and gabapentin.  She cannot take nsaids.  She also has iliopsoas contracture of hind led and a dehydrated l1 s7 disk.  She still enjoys going out but she is slow and is still getting pain, so now I’m wanting to try cbd oil but don’t know which one or dosing.  I’m not having surgery on her.  Thank you for reading this long post and look forward to any help I may get

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Oh, and also check with your vet that any of the meds she is on aren’t contraindications to CBD. Some of our vets may be able to help here.

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Thanks Collie,


We are picking our way through the rules and regulations and will be back with (hopefully) some clarification for the future about the use of CBD and the laws.


For now, Collie is absolutely right, please do NOT use a product that claims to be for animal use. We would instead recommend a good quality human product that provides laboratory analysis. We will look into some manufacturers that we are happy, as a group, to recommend.


Thanks for this thread, even if it has led to much debate and research for the CAM team, we are now in a better position for recommendations going forward.

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Hello sorry for late reply..

Scouts been taking it since march and we’ve been very slow and steady.  Started on the light then onto the green increasing by a drop a week.

When Scouts having a good day he’s very good.  The he has a week where he’s really slow and ploddy.  On good days I notice it.. then just when get complacent weve got it sorted he hits a bad week.. but maybe the bad days would be worse without it.

I changed the routine too as he has his main walk in the am then breakfast and Previcox after so he at his lowest pain meds wise.  Ive started giving him CBD early morning dose before our walk and seen a def improvement on the morning walk

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Hi Lynsey, sorry I’ve been away but I’ve seen you’ve already got the answer to your question from the CBD page on facebook.  All vet medicine regulations stuff but hopefully that will change especially if the rules for human use are relaxed.

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I am just copying and pasting Gwen’s reply here  x


Hi Joy, thanks for your advice request from Canine Arthritis Management
There are a couple of suppliers of CBD oil which we trust for quality. Those are Cibdol and Cannawell.
These are both human formulations chosen due to their quality controls. The product comes in different strengths but it is clear how much CBD is in the oil so easy to dose for your dog. The general recommendation is 2mg/kg every 12 hours. Bear in mind it can alter the metabolism of other drugs so you should consult your vet about any interactions and also if you need help working out how much to give.
On the element of your dog not being strong, you will have seen many hints and tips including the value of physiotherapy and carefully guided hydrotherapy on the website and other Canine Arthritis Management platforms. Why not head over to the forum
…to see what others have discussed about such problems.
We should consider the effect that Gabapentin is having – it can cause a general slight sedative effect especially in older dogs which may contribute to weakness. This is an unavoidable part of the way the drug works to relieve pain. Every dog is different and sometimes it is appropriate to give a smaller dose 3 times per day. Furthermore, Pardale-V could be given in a smaller dose more frequently as it is quite short acting but you must seek the advice of your vet before making any changes.
My professional job is as a pain specialist (specialist in anaesthesia and analgesia) and I frequently give free advice to vets for managing difficult cases where unusual medication needs to be tweaked. I cannot give you specific advice about changing doses as I have not examined your dog and this must be overseen by your own vet. However, if your vet would like some advice, including some further options, they are welcome to email me on this address.
Best wishes
Gwen Covey-Crump

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