Taking dog off NSAID or maintaining a minimal dose

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I have a 10 year old labrador who has arthritis. She first went onto Metacam in Nov 2016 and took it through the winter on a gradually reducing dosage. In April 2017 we were down to about a half dose and the vet I saw suggested stopping it altogether through the summer (as long as she seemed comfortable). All went well and I didn’t feel she needed to take it again until Dec 2017. She is now down to nearly a half dose again (i.e. she’s 25kg and she’s getting the dose of a 15kg dog). However, when I asked the vet (a different vet at the same practice) whether I should try stopping it he told me that there was evidence to suggest that continuing to give a maintenance dose and keeping on top of inflammation is better than stopping and starting. I should add that my dog is also on Yumove Advance and gets physio and hydrotherapy. I know that no-one on the internet can tell me if my dog needs to take the drug or not. My question is what is the evidence regarding the benefits of continuing on a maintenance dose of an NSAID as opposed to stopping it for a while to give the organs a break?

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Thank you, Shona, for taking the time to answer and for your suggestion regarding lowering the dosage. I really appreciate this group and the advice available from experts. It’s a great resource.


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