Swimming vs Treadmill & how often?

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I’m having a few problems getting my vets to sign off on my dogs hydro due to a bit of a mix up but just had a few questions..

If I need to start paying for them myself,  I can’t afford to go every week, but is every 2 weeks too far apart to be doing much good – whats the most time can leave between sessions to have benefits?

I think I know the answer, but nothing much worked before he went onto Previcox and Yumove Advance and those have worked so well for him does he still need the hydro will it be helping behind the scenes still.

Also is there much difference between treadmill and swimming.  He is not a water baby and I really don’t think he would like swimming but he does well on the treadmill.

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Hydrotherapist here! All of the above advice is sound 🙂 As a preference dogs with spinal conditions would be put in treadmill if possible/available to avoid excessive movements either side to side or up and down and keep the spine in a neutral position. That is not to say you can’t use a pool providing great care is taken and support provided, it may be that 2 therapists would need to be hands on to be able to do this.

And as has been mentioned already individual preference of the dog would be taken into consideration too, some may be totally freaked out by not having their feet on the ground and others may not be happy in an enclosed space, time should be taken to ensure that the dog is as happy and relaxed as possible in whichever option is used.

Regarding training, I can’t speak for CHA as I’m not a member, but NARCH require therapists using the treadmill to undergo additional training in its use before treating dogs in an underwater treadmill.

With regards to the original post, I’d advise fortnightly as the minimum frequency, I know it’s hard when finances come in to play. I always advise clients it’s like going to the gym; once in a blue moon isn’t going to make much differnce! It would be better to do 10 sessions over 10 weeks than 10 sessions over 20! 🙂

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