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I have a 14.5year old Labrador who is currently on gabapentin three times a day, partake twice a day tralieve twice a day. I was also giving nutraquin plus and nutramed. The cost is a lot a month. I have found an alternative for the nutaquin plus and am looking for a cheaper alternative to the nutramed.
this contains Boswellia which is already in the nutaquin plus  the lacking ingredients are milk thistle 75mg and pine bark 30mg. I don’t want to stop as he appears to have improved since I started. Although this could be a coincidence. Any suggestions?
he has some kidney issues which is why the meloxidyl was stopped.

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Hey there
This is a very difficult topic but a common one.
We always mention that fir fir ararthritic inflammation only omega 3 fatty acids have peer reviewed clinical proof…the rest has with insufficient evidence insufficient trials or evidence is disputed…proper mine field!
I would focus funds on omega 3 fatty acids and the other ingredients are a bonus if you can find a suitable product… Sorry not to be of more help. There is more information on our website …search supplements at home page to find the page quickly X

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