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Hello, my 7 year old Flatcoated Retriever has been diagnosed with arthritis in his hips and shoulders recently, he has slowed down a lot recently and is very slow going up and down steps, I also have to lift him into my car. He is on a 2 week course of Meloxidyl to see if that helps as he has been toileting on the move just lately, I have had the supplement Joint aid recommended, do you have any views or reports on this supplement? Or is there one that you would recommend?
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Poor you…sorry for your diagnosis
There are so many interventions when managing arthritis so don’t give up…please head to Hollys Army on Facebook for loads of advice or look at our owner modular work shop available from
As for recommending a supplement …tricky as it’s a minefield!! I had to walk away from writing the website for a few months when writing this section …because you believe with papers contradicting each other.
We don’t recommend a specific product but we do recommend omega 3 fatty acids from cold water fish ….the others..¬† some have more pros than cons so we suggest avacado soya bean unsaponifiables and type two denatured collagen xx
But I would join Holly’s army as a priority¬† xxx
Hope this helps..

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