Suggestions for memory foam beds

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Does anyone have any recommendations for memory foam/orthopaedic beds? Looking to upgrade her bed for additional support but there’s a huge selection available across a wide price range.

She generally prefers a mattress bed rather than one with sides. She suffers with arthritis and cervical and lumbar spondylosis.

Many thanks!

Elle and Betty

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Important things to consider when choosing a supportive bed for your dog are:

  • Can they lay out completely flat on it if they wish to?
  • Does it give good support? (solid foam is generally preferable to crumb filled)
  • Will your dog be able to get on and off it easily without any slip or trip risk?
  • Is the bed easy to keep clean?

As has already been mentioned, always place the bed in an area free from draughts, free from obstructions or slip/trip hazards and with a non-slip/non-skid surface underneath.

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