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My dog can no longer do his prescribed squats and cavelleti work as he is too sore I want to keep his muscle strong as he is loosing muscles he is on previcox daily codeine twice a day and prescription diet but runs bunny hopping and also up a slight step as well what stretches can we do and how often

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Hi there Quizz, if your dog is too sore to complete his recommended physio stretches you need to do 2 things. Firstly, go back to your vet and ask if your dog needs some further pain management. Things have moved on a lot since I first trained as a vet so your vet is welcome to call a specialist pain clinic for advice (many of the referral services have pain clinics and offer free advice to vets) as there are a few more treatment options available that are beyond the scope of the standard set of veterinary prescription meds available. You mention codeine – is this with paracetamol – i.e in a medicine called ‘Pardale’? Paracetamol often works well for dogs but codeine alone can be less effective due to the way dogs metabolise it. Secondly, the exercises you have been given may be too much for your dog. It is very difficult to give specific advice without seeing the individual dog and it is wise to consult a veterinary physiotherapist if you haven’t already as they will be able to tailor a specific exercise plan tailored to him as well as work with your vet to manage his pain.

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