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Has anyone used a ramp for the sofa instead of steps and if so, where have you got it from as I’m struggling to find one and I’ve read ramps are better than steps.  I did find one you could make yourself, but it required a hinged area to rest under sofa cushion but my sofa base is joined to the seat so I can’t do that.

Also, I have laminate flooring throughout the downstairs.  I will buy some rugs, but it is a large area and they spend time at my mums and rugs are a bit of a trip hazard for her, so has anyone tried feet grips or boots on their dogs with any luck?

Any other adaptations you’d recommend? My 13 year old dog seems to have got worse really quickly with his arthritis so I want to make life as easy as possible for him at home.


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Hi there.

From the point of view of the slippery floors there at a few options: you could try anti slip tape, which you can by from – it would avoid the trip hazard aspect of rugs

make sure you get any long hair trimmer from between the pads. It’s a little thing but can really help.

CAM have trialed a lot of different boots to varying degrees of success.. a lot of them slipped off or turned around and become almost more of a hazard than a help. Recently tried a product called “paw friction” that you apply to the pads and this seemed great though didn’t last as long as it claimed on the box. Might be worth a try though

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