Retirement kennels for oldies – Ideas please!

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We are in the process of setting up a small retirement kennels for elderly rescued Rottweilers that have little chance of finding a forever sofa. We are trying to make the kennels as comfortable as possible and, foreseeing that the dogs will probably have arthritis, are going to put things like non-slip flooring, have raised beds, interactive food toys and gear everything that we can towards limited mobility. They will each have an inner, insulated sleeping area with under-floor heating, an outside covered run and access to a garden area to potter about. We hope to give them as much time as we can and as much freedom as possible. It’s still going to be a kennel situation for them, but with more TLC than a commercial kennels can offer.

We would welcome any ideas to make their lives more enriched, easier and more content please. Anything from physio ideas, to layout, to additional comforts….. anything really!

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hey there Diddley…. wow you amazing people!!!!
I would love it if we could follow your progress on our facebook page…. this way we could collect more ideas for you as you go, as well as generate a lot of interest in your work.
would you be willing to write 7 posts with photos/ videos of what you have done so far.

  1. introduce yourselves – ideally a video clip, and what you are doing and why
  2. then a post per day about a mobility challenge you have noted and what you have dont to overcome it. ie the kennel flooring – slip problem so purchased rubber matting and how you’ve seen an improvement in their traction, then the next problem bedding, the next bowls, the next outside etc…. we would post one a day for a week and see what ideas people come up with for you

what do you think?
please email and as we run facebook between us..


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It sounds like you have thought a lot about things that older rottis may benefit from, mental enrichment is also very important for them so things like snuffle mats, treat feeders etc. Regular gentle exercise is good for them to keep the joints mobile.
Raised beds can be useful but consider each dog individually as stepping up onto them may actually difficult for those with arthritis, good supportive orthopaedic beds may be better as they would not have so much of a step up onto them and will be fully supportive of their body

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