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My 13 year old Lab Dexter is currently on Tramadol, Previcox, green lipped mussel, chondroitin, glucosamine.  We have also tried golden paste which sadly didn’t agree with him.

As time goes on the meds seem to be less effective and I’m concerned he has pain which could be better managed.

We have a vet review tomorrow, can anyone suggest any meds we should discuss?  I’ve seen that a number of people seem to use Gabapentin alongside Tramadol, but just today have read an article today that Tramadol isn’t metabolised in all dogs so may not be effective.

Dex is a really special boy to me and at this stage in his life I really want to be sure any pain is controlled properly.

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It does, thanks very much for replying Gwen.  I will discuss with my vet tomorrow.

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