Ramp for corner??

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Hi, our 15 year old springer was diagnosed last year but a month ago he was referred to a specialist for neurological issues and has had surgery for a prolapsed disc. This has led to a referral to the specialist pain clinic there which has been fantastic and they gave us this site which has already been enlightening for tips.

we have a problem in that between our living room and bedroom we have 2 steps (we live in a flat). Chester has previously pottered between rooms but is now hesitate on going up them so is getting ‘stuck’ in one area of the flat. I’ve looked at ramps but there is only a small amount of space between the bottom step and the wall so the ramp wouldn’t sit without it being a ridiculous angle.

Does any have any suggestions for ramps that are curved to go round corners? Thank you!

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You might be best off finding someone who is good at a bit of DIY and getting something made to fit in the space.  If the wall is close I think I’d opt for something that went flush to the wall rather than leaving a gap just to be safe and remove any risk of paws ending up in the gap.  There are a number of examples if you look on the facebook page of peoples home-made ramps for inspiration.

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