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Hi All, Can I ask a question? My Border Terrier has suffered from hip dysplasia and arthritis in her hips since I rescued her 4 years ago (we think she is around 11/12 now). She started on Cartrophen injections that were good for her for 18 months or so, then we put her on Previcox which has controlled her pain up until recently, when she has become a little depressed and less agile. So my vet has given her Pardale V to take alongside her Previcox. Is it ok for her to be on Pardale long term? (we have been given 14 days worth to see if its effective with a review when finished) Ive read that its for short term use and was wondering if its ok/good for the long term? (she was given a full check up and bloods were taken and they are all good) Thank you

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just stepping in to help out.
There is limited information on the long term use of paracetamol which is pardale (the codeine in it is not believed to be of a sufficient quantity to effect and is not believed to be bioavailable). It is licenced to be used at their set dose for 5 days (this is 33mg/kg I believe) but long term most clinicians would chose to drop the dose to 10mg/kg either twice and three times per day. We would suggest 3-6 monthly checks on liver function… this doesn’t mean liver parameter elevations, but actual function looking at albumin and cholesterol etc.
I would also discuss with your vet other adjunct chronic pain meds that can be confidently used long term xxx

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