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Hi. I’ve never used a forum before so I hope I can find any replies. I’m really desperate for help. My nearly 10 year old Springer cross has the most horrendous arthritis all over and is rapidly going down hill. She is everything to me and I am changing my whole life to ensure I’m doing everything I can to manage it. She is on every supplement available, has physio and acupuncture but nothing’s working and the conventional medication is doing anything.

She is currently on full dose metacam and 600 mg of gabapentin. I’ve tried insider (no effect at all ) and tramadol which completely disagreed with her.


We we are at the end of the road but I’m not willing to give up. Tonight the vet suggested that PLT might be worth a try.


Please does anyone have any any experience with this old drug or have any drug combinations that are really effective.


Would really appreciate any replies.

Thank you

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Thanks for your response much appreciated.

We had physio every week for 4 weeks and then cut back but will up that again.

Not sure whether to continue with the acupuncture or not?!

i agree about the gaba but she is better on it than off it even if better isn’t great. She still has moments of sparkle which I wasn’t getting before.

Will speak to the vet about the other options, he’s very good at chatting through things with me, as I’m sure you can imagine I don’t just accept everything he says or prescribes 😊

Will ask about a pain specialist.

I am trying to minimise vet visits and traumatic situations because she gets herself in such a state that it affects her liver and really traumatises her and I’m trying to minimise any upset.

Already apply heat pads but will apply ice to joints.

Im really hoping that she perks up when the sun comes out. She hates rain and dark days like all us outdoor workers do so hoping sun will cheer her up.

Its certainly not time to give up on her and will try every option I can.

On the downside she is taking 80% of my wage 😱 Will spend what it takes but my God arthritis is expensive !

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