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Hello. Has anyone tried paw friction? I have a 1 year old dog who has just had a total hip replacement due to dysplasia. He will likely have the other one replaced in the spring. We have wooden floors at the moment, but are considering getting a carpet fitted if this is the best option for him. However, we do like our wooden floors and if Paw Friction works well and has shown good results, we might try this first.

Do you think re carpeting out house is necessary for my dogs future hip health?

Thank you.


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I don’t have any experience with Paw Friction, but in terms of carpeting the house it is probably unnecessary at this stage. I’m assuming that as he is only a year old that hip dysplasia is the only problem – if this is the case then once his other hip is done he should be able to function like a normal dog.

The risk period is the six months post-operatively whilst he is healing, building up his strength and learning how to use his new hips properly – slips and trips during this time can be a problem. During this time, temporary solutions such as rubber backed rugs and runners, anti slip tape or boots/Paw Friction can be used.

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