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My 13 year old lab Kia is on Tricoxyl and has been for around a year and Kia is also on youmove advanced.
Since following the group on FB I have now put non slip runners all throught the house and also started sending her to day care with my young dog she is like a new dog and so much happier and more mobile, she is also on prescription diet food  and is losing weight.
I have just realised that I missed her Tricoxyl last month so she has gone a month without but is happier and more mobile than she has been for years do you think she needs to be on this?
I will ask me vet but I do know they are not very responsive to treatment other than pain killers so I am positive they will say to re start I am wiondering if she is fine withour should this be saved till she is in pain


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Hi Denise
It is great that the adaptions you have made seem to be helping Kia more and that she is happier. In regards to her medication it probably would be best to discuss this with your vet, talk to them about the changes you have made etc and how she has responded to them, you may find they say to monitor her for now or recommend she goes back on them but as they have been treating her it is good to keep them in the loop with everything that way you can all work together to find the best for her, vets are opening up now to other options other than just medication so it would still be worth chatting to them about this
Best Wishes

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Is she showing any signs of pain?  It may not just be limping there can be subtle signs such as licking painful joints, change in gait?  I’d see your vet first as no one on a forum can tell you what to do, even a vet.  Keeping a diary may help you work out if things are changing/improving/deteriorating/stable over time.  It may be the lifestyle changes are having a positive effect, which would be brilliant!

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