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My 8 year old border collie has severe osteoarthritis in both back hocks.  She is in an acute state at present and so I would like advice on where to get the omega oils and fatty acids you recommend and also how much she should be taking.  At present she is on one tablet of Atktivait and a spoon ful of Canine Joint Right, both of which contain omega’s but I see you suggest they should be marine based so I don’t know if these products are. I would be extremely grateful for your advice asap.  Many thanks, Nicki Hart

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Hi Nicki,

I second all Kathryn says about pain medication and home assessment.

In terms of omega 3 supplements Kruuse make a vesrion called Vitalchews joint and mobility that are sustainably produced and also contain undenatured type II collagen; another supplement with some evidence behind it.

Hock supports can also be helpful for hock arthritis, particulalrly when they are exercising.

Have you been given exercise advice for her?


Kind wishes,


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Hi there.

sorry to hear you dog is struggling.

Products worth looking at are synoquin (made by the same people who made aktivait) and possibly yumove.

There are loads of others that contain helpful products too but those should give you a starting point.

Have you got her on any pain killers?

Have you seen our home assessment tool to help you spot areas that might cause injury and pain: www.caninearthritis.co.uk/itsmyhometoo

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