Onsior and Amatidine

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Hi, sadly we had to say goodbye to our beloved springer. At 15 1/2 we had to accept his arthritis had finally got to much.
He was on a combination of acupuncture, hydro, massage and drugs and we now have a lot of Onsior and some Amantidine left.
At around £1 tablet it seems such a waste so wondered if anyones dog is prescribed and would make use?  We have about 45 Onsior 20mg tablets (so almost £50 worth), and 14 Amantidine.
Not asking for any payment, just someone to make use (maybe an honesty donation to an animal charity or canine arthritis if it takes donations). Will post off, they all have the box with pharmacy label so you can tell disposed from official pharmacy.

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Ok, such a shame as seems such a waste but understand

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