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Our border collie boy Laddie (aged 13) has hip dysplasia. Pain relief has mainly been Metacam but now withdrawn as he had raised BUN at last health check. Using natural pain relief in the meantime (CBD, Golden paste, Devil’s claw tincture, Yumove Advance).
He has been shaky on his back legs for a while. 4 weeks ago friends stopped by our garden. I nipped indoors to get something and came out to see the male playing football with Laddie. Asked him to stop explaining that Laddie is prone to topple if he corners quickly. He replied that he had seen him fall 3 times whilst playing & struggled to get up. An hour or so later we went a short walk and stopped to talk to another friend in the village, standing for 10 minutes or so. Laddie collapsed on his rear end and was very wobbly until he got back into his stride.
Nothing further until last week when same thing happened again after we had stood talking to someone for around 10 minutes.
He began hydrotherapy this week. The day after he had a wobble and then the following day another collapse on his back end. He did recover again but remains prone to this problem (which appears to have been brought on by the ‘rough’ game of football.

We are terrified that all our efforts to extend our boys life have been spoiled and that he may never recover his strength enough to enjoy his walks (only a few weeks ago he was going up a local hill (small mountain) twice a week with relative ease.
He is booked in for more hydro and K laser in the coming weeks and we are hoping that won’t lead to further deterioration.

We also realise that at his age there may be other factors at play but this does seem to correspond with the game of football that night 4 weeks ago.

Looking for support and advice please.

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Thank you so much Kathryn. The high BUN is concerning and we are using the new nsaid for 3 weeks after which further testing will be done by our vet (her suggestion which we are more than happy with). Thank you for naming other painkillers which I will discuss with the vet when we next meet. She did suggest Paracetamol if I really couldn’t bring myself to use the nsaid she prescribed, but for now we are going with her advice to use the prescribed meds short term and retest. He does appear in less pain already but time will tell.
I have followed CAM for a while now and have made some of the adaptations already. Unfortunately we live in a cottage with steep stairs and our boy has always slept upstairs beside us on his own bed. He won’t settle if separated from us so we are having to carry him up at night. There may come a time when we have to sleep downstairs to be near him unless we find a bungalow to suit before then – yes we would move house for his sake.
We are hoping the therapies will help and that we are able to continue with them after the initial batch of appointments is done.
I really appreciate CAM people taking the time to respond with such reassuring advice. Thank you

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