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Scout is my 6 year old staffie x boxer.  He about 18 months ago after unsuccessful conservative treatment had his biceps tendon cut after the had an avulsion fracture .    It took ages to heal and he never been fully right.. he has days where he is amazing and days when he is like an old boy and doesn’t want to walk.

I wanted to see what was going on as the vets have said he doesn’t present like a dog with arthritus symptoms wise.

Anyway cut a long story short scans show his shoulder is actually OK some arthritus but better than u might expect .. his elbow is the problem .. fragmented coronoid prices.  He had debridement and flushed out and back to 10 minute walks.

Vet said Was quite bad and will see how he gets on with this.  Again further conservative treatment could include arthrimed steroid injections or prp the latter two we been through already with his shoulder.

There are some surgical options that sound hardcore

Just wondered how successful the debridement can be .. how quick recovery time might be and any useful information.   Is he an unlucky fellow.. or could here be a link between the two joint conditions he has had.  Is on same leg

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Good to hear that it sounds like you’re getting some improvement with him being more interactive.
I think really careful rehab and good close monitoring are going to be key for him. I can imaging a 6 year old staffy isn’t going to be the easiest dog to keep rested!! Make sure you give him plenty of stuff to keep him occupied and maybe speak with a physio about some options for gentle exercises you can do with him at home.

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