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hi there , we have had 3 sessions so far with our 9 year old lab, as he was diagnosed with hip dysplasia last year, he could not tolerate lexicon, had two nasty bouts of gastroenteritis, with bloody diarrhoea , so trying myrotherapy, his last session was monday and only doing the 10 mins lead walk a day, just night he got up and his bag leg failed him ,it was like cramp spasm, then he fell as could not hold weight, laid for 10 mis while a rubbed his legs, seemed to be ok after that, never had this before, is this usual during this treatment , was very worried, thank you

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Hi there. How is you dog doing now?

It sounds like you’re doing a great job of resting him but maybe he has still managed to over do it a little..

I’f defiantly mention this episode to your therapist and see what they say.

Have you asked your vet about any other pain killers? There are a lot of options besides loxicom, some drugs in the same family (which may be tolerated better) or some that are completely different in the way they work

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