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can I use pardale v alongside onsior and amantadine?

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Hi Nina,

I second everyone’s advice to chat to your vet. Onsior and Pardale V are similar, and whilst I do commonly use a combination of an NSAID such as Onsior with paracetamol (in Pardale V) I will tend to ask for consent to use human paracetamol in place of Pardale V, particularly if paracetamol is to be taken every day or most days. This is because the dose rate of paracetamol with Pardale V is higher than that which you can dose effectively using human paracetamol. It is important to get veterinary advice and not use human paracetamol without this advice. As with NSAIDs it is also important to carry out regular (at least 6 monthly) blood tests to check organ function.
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