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I’d like to know what other medications I can speak to the vet about in regards to Fly’s arthritis.  I’ve heard Previcox mentioned is this a good one to ask for?  The vets have had her on loxicom and tramadol and at her last “review” they told me to add paracetamol when she is having bad days, which was happening all too frequently on her current meds so I don’t feel is an adequate solution and I’m just giving her something that is having no affect on her pain levels.  I started her on CBD a month ago and I have seen an apparent improvement since she has been on that but I would like to arm myself with some medications to ask about/for next time we go in and see the vet rather than them pushing gabapentin which she has had before after major surgery and she was just off her head on it.

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Hi there.

Previcox is a drug very similar to loxicom so you would not have your dog on both these drugs at the same time. If you feel the loxicom isn’t working though you could ask about switching to a different NSAID drug like previcox, onsior, trocoxil..

Gabapentin is a funny drug in that some dogs (like yours) really don’t suit it. It may be that you could try it again but make sure you start on a lower dose and increase it up over a few weeks rather than going straight in with a high dose as I feel side effects are more common when that is done.

Amantadine may be another one to ask about.

You could also consider options like physio, hydro, massage or acupuncture perhaps depending on the availability of this in your area and your dogs tolerance of that kind of thing. most dogs take to them really well.

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