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Trick is currently on 1/2 a previcox twice a day for a day and then 1/2 once a day the next to keep him safe and codeine twice daily he is currently having monthly blood tests because he is not holding weight and he became very lethargic he had high urea levels he is currently very happy and comfortable but I am concerned that the meds are causing him internal issues but don’t want him to be in pain unable to enjoy life options for some thing that would keep him pain free and not do his internal organs damage he is only 5 and been on meds since he was 2.5yrs

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Hello Quizz
I will ask one of our vets to message on regards to the medication.
Is he on any other forms of therapy, there are a lot of other options that can work alongside medication such as hydrotherapy, laser therapy, myotherapy, the list goes on, a multi-modal approach is very beneficial especially in a dog that is still so young.
Carly RVN RCH DipNut

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