Loss of balance when peeing

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Trick has started to fall over when he pees it only happens if he is standing on his left hind and cocking the right hind he looses balance and falls if he stands on the right and cocks left he is ok is this a sign his left hip has deteriorated to the point it’s not able to support his weight if so what can I do to help build the strength to keep him from falling

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Hi Quizz,

I’d have him reassessed to check if it could be his hip joint or associated muscle weakness or tension (or both) that may be causing his instability. As Lynsey says, your vet can also reassess his pain and pain meds. They can also do a neurological examination to check his reflexes and signs of any neurogenic pain.

Physical therapies such as physiotherapy, myotherapy and acupuncture can all help a lot with the management of hip dysplasia, as well as following advice on the CAM website and Facebook page.

Feel free to ask more questions here also.


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