Looking for a good treat dispensing product for crate

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I have successfully trained my adopted rescue dog to accept being left in a crate and was careful to buy a crate big enough for her to stand up and stretch out. I put in a couple of Kongs filled with her breakfast. These are great and keep her occupied for a while but the problem is they take up space on the floor and I come back to find her lying in the corner of her large crate as she doesn’t have the sense to push the two feeding toys out of the way so she can stretch out. She has to stay in the crate for quite long periods maybe 4-5 hours at times and I worry about her not stretching etc.

So my question is: does anyone know of any ‘wall mounted’ or hanging treat dispensers/activity station type products? I know you can get hanging enrichment ‘toys’ for pigs and horses, but something smaller for dogs?? This would solve 2 problems – 1) the available bed/floor space in the crate and 2)the need to stretch out.

Any tips gratefully received. My next idea is to get hubby to make something with his 3D printer 😉

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The Facebook group ‘Canine Enrichment’ has good ideas for interactive products, including wall/crate mounted and DIY options…

Love the idea of a 3-D printed activity station 🙂

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