Long term use of NSAIDS

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Hi Molly is our 4yr old Sprocker. She has been diagnosed with arthritis in her shoulder, elbow,wrist and toes on her left leg 😢. She had cortisone injections into her shoulder and toes approximately 3 months ago after reduced exercise and Metacam didn’t really help. She’s now back on the Metacam, Yumove and salmon oil. She has hydro weekly which she loves and we manage her exercise as best we can with a bonkers spaniel. I’m concerned re long term use of the Metacam and have booked a review with her vet in the new year. Any advice? We keep her on the lowest dose possible she weighs 13kg and give her half the dose for her weight. She recently had a day of vomiting so stopped the Metacam immediately she has lasted 5 days but is now limping so will restart again. Sorry for the long post. Thanks for reading

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Lunatuck… you legend… what an amazing response!!!

thank you for the time and effort you put into that xx

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