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we have just been discussing using the LOAD questionnaire in our practice – does anyone have any experience of using this? Does it help with OA management?

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Thanks Shona, that’s really useful. Will have a look at the other ones you have mentioned. Sarah

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Hi @scampbell. It is great to hear that you are thinking of using a monitoring questionnaire as part of OA management in your practice. I do not have personal experience of the LOAD questionnaire specifically, and personally I use the Helsinki chronic pain index. I do know of vets that use the LOAD questionnaire and find it useful as the results for each patient can be recorded digitally for easy reference. The value of these tools in OA management is in monitoring to assess a patient’s pain pattern and also response to management interventions. Using these tools also helps include and empower owners and facilitate them in observing and getting to know their individual pet’s pain pattern(s).

Whilst the absolute score is useful as an indication, what makes these questionnaires invaluable is their facilitation of good patient monitoring. This can help with decision making, including those around quality of life. The questionnaire can also be a good diagnostic indicator initially and help with the decision to undertake further diagnostic tests for arthritis in some cases.

VetMetrica is another useful pain, wellbeing and quality of life monitoring tool that is web based: http://www.newmetrica.com/vetmetrica-hrql/

Hope this helps.

Warm wishes, Shona

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