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Hope you can help 😊 I have a nine year old black lab and he’s a big boy. I want to start him on a joint supplement as he gets a bit stiff after long walks.

We have always kept his weight perfect and fed him a premium food.

Do you have any recommendations?


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I agree with all that Catie and Kathryn have said. As well as Omega 3 oils, 2 other supplement types with evidence behind them are avocado soybean unsaponifiables (found in Dasuquin) and Undenatured Type II collagen (found in Kruuse Vitalchews and Flexadin advance).

Trial a supplement for 3 months to see if it is helping, and use tools such as keeping a daily diary (this can also help you to identify any pain patterns). The downloads and resources page on the CAM website has a good day/bad day diary and a chronic pain indicator chart that are useful

Also, make sure he is of an ideal bodyweight for his size. If he is overweight in any way then helping him to lose weight will have a far more beneficial effect than any supplement could. We will be bringing out a nutrition and supplements booklet in the near future that will have lots more information.

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CAM conversation WITH CAM Shona Fernyhough ABOUT canine joint supplements

This is a link to an article on our website about how to choose a joint supplement, the evidence behind them etc.

One that currently has some good evidence is Yumove advanced – a study has shown an improvement in gait in dogs that have had cruciate surgery after taking the supplement for 4 weeks when compared to those taking a placebo.

Its tough but I’d say the most important things to look for are:

-Omega 3 – this ingredient has the best evidence for its use



Hope that helps

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Hello Darcy!


There are an awful lot of joint supplements out ther promising an awful lot of things! My advice would be to speak to your vets to see which one they’d recommend. As a general rule the ones supplied by veterinary practices have had research done to acertain appropriate doses and amount per pill etc.

From experience once pill doesn’t necessarily fit all dogs, and it is very much an individuals respose to a treatment that determines whether it is any good!


In the meantime I will ask one of our vets!

Catie RCH, RVN

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