Is omega 6 causing my dogs inflammation and pain?

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Hi all,

I have recently had my dog in the vets as he was showing some general pain, discomfort and stiffness in his back end. He doesn’t want to go on walks or do much other than lay around and is finding the steps to the garden a problem. He’s a 5 year old lurcher and is generally very placid/lazy round the house anyway but this somehow felt different – I knew he was in  pain. It’s been a sudden onset of pain with no obvious physical trauma/accident. Anyway, the vet suspected issues in his hips but couldn’t be 100% sure without X-rays (happy to do these if we need to!). My dog was prescribed loxicom (metacam) to try first before we go down X-ray route. It’s been 48 hours with no real sign of improvement- strange for this type of drug not to take effect in the first day in my previous experience. I started to think of what has changed in my dogs life and the only thing I can think of is that I started to give him an omega 3 & 6 supplement a few weeks ago to help with his coat condition and itchy skin. I started to research the effects of too much omega 6 in humans and was lead to believe that it can cause inflammation! So my question really was do you think the omega 6 supplement is what’s causing his pain/counter acting the metacam I’ve been given to try?? I’m going to stop using the omega 3 & 6 supplement to see if it helps but just wondered if anyone had a similar experience?

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Hi there,

from my knowledge omega 6 is great for skin and omega 3 great (potentially) for joints. BUT giving the wrong balance of the two means that the beneficial effects of the omega 3 on the joints can be blocked/counteracted..

So I don’t think it will be CAUSING inflammation but may be not helping matters..

Anyone else have an input on this??

I’d certainly say having a radiograph series carried out on hips, back and maybe elsewhere would be good if the Loxicom isn’t working and maybe even some more advanced imaging or testing if this doesn’t show up anything.

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