Intermittent fasting – feed once a day? Or calorie restrict one day?

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My 12 year old Sprollie (Border Collie x Springer Spaniel) is very uncomfortable on waking up. She doesn’t want to do anything.
She’s had one hip replaced but is a bit old for having the second one done (5-6 months gentle rehab, lots of muscle loss).
We’re going to switch her Previcox tablet to the evening to help her in the morning.
And she’s on Pardale and has Cartrophen injections (she’s due for another series, they work really well.)
I know there’s some good research on intermittent fasting with some evidence of reduction of inflammatory response for humans. And certainly I’ve noticed that for myself (doing a 5:2 fast – 2 days a week on 600-800 calories – including a 16 hour window with zero calorie intake – not even milk in my tea, the other 5 days eat normally.) Definitely improved the soreness in my lower back (before any weight was lost!)
In addition to reducing inflammatory response – other research showed longevity on calorie restricted mice.
Weight reduction would be another obvious gain.
Plus recent research seemed to show entire rebuild of the immune system from a three day fast.
So I’m wondering about changing our dog’s meal intake to one meal per day.
And then fasting her for 36 hours once or twice a month. (She’ll drive me bonkers during that time probably!)
Does anyone have any evidence or views for the benefits of fasting for dogs?
And impact on arthritis?

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Hi Pramrd,

Wow, that’s quite a question! Not one I’m up to answering, but just to let you know I have flagged this up to the team to see if anyone has an opinion on this theory for you.


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