I am looking for advice on the best bed to get for my Cavalier King Charles.

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He is a fairly large Cavalier.  He likes to lie with his head resting on the side and he likes it soft to lie on! He has always had an oval one and it would be best to be open at the front . We have heard folk speak of memory foam but isn’t is very firm not soft and gentle!

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Hi Anne,

I am afraid we cannot suggest a single dog bed for you to purchase.

I would recommend you go on the facebook page and search for the keyword “bed” as there are quite a few posts on there. If you go to the website there are a couple of beds on the product review page and there will soon be a CAM conversation with Dru from the Big Dog Bed Company.

As a brief overview we would recommend you consider a bed that is firm, predictable, deep foam, predictable edges, large allowing them to stretch out, supportive sides and back.

We have trialled Big Dog Bed Company, Barker Beds and Berkeley dog beds, that we were impressed with. Hannah has an orvis bed which she likes. You need to look into what suits you, your dog and your budget 🙂

Hope that helps at least a little x

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