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My question relates to other posts I have written regarding our choccy lab barley. With his diagnosis 12 months ago of severe arthritis in both front elbows we have been busy changing his lifestyle to accommodate his condition
non slip mats ,new bed, weight control ( now lost 3kg) anti inflammatory and synoquin supplements, change of walking routines etc ,he is so much happier
we recently started taking him to our hydro therapist for swimming as they have great facility’s about twice a month as recommended by our vet, the facility is fully equipped and the staff have all of the correct certification for rehabilitation, all lovely people and barley literally races to the door to get in
so onto my question
my vet refuses point blank to sign me a referral form which I will need for barley to have physio and hydrotherapy but will allow him to have a so called “ fun swim”
i was hoping to claim on my insurance for his sessions ,as the costs do mount up and I am covered for these sessions but they will will not acknowledge a fun swim as a session
my vets have an in-house hydro and physio and will allow me to use their service but not my own choice and it was him that recommended for him to attend sessions
however if my vet suggested it would be beneficial surely it is my choice of who to take him to
ive been with the same vet since he was a pup and I am seriously considering leaving this vets practice and taking him to another local vet in the area which sends all of his patients to the hydrotherapy place which I use now
its seriously stressing me out,surely it’s about what’s best for barley at the end of the day or is it more about the loss of business and money
any thoughts would be appreciated

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Hi Lynsey, yes I’m uk based, I checked the narch website and yes the one I use is registered but seems funny that my vets one isn’t?
ive been with my vets practice for 10 years and I am nervous about leaving,however if it’s for the best interest for barley I don’t really have a choice.
thanks for your comments

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