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My dog Maggie, 5 year old Saint Bernard, has quite advanced arthritis in both elbows, she is on a cocktail of supplements and pain medication, however over the past 2 weeks she will not settle through the night and as a consequence neither of us are getting more than a few hours sleep.  She has had xrays and a full medical review with her vets and her treatments has been changed accordingly, however the vet advised that it may take anything up to 6 weeks for the increased Gabapentin/Tramadol/Paracetamol/supplement cocktail to fully get in to her system and have the desired effect. She is happy to play, walk, run, eat and cuddle and has no problems in the day at daycare, she is even happy to have a play in the garden with her newfie brother in the evening.  She has an orthopaedic bed with blankets and the house is kept relatively warm for her.  Is there anything I am not doing or should be doing because I am worry that she is in pain and not sleeping because of that and I am so, so tired and cant face (potentially) another 6 weeks of only getting a couple of hours sleep.
Please help.

I would also add that she cant take NSAIDS (Metacam, loxicom, caprieve and the likes) she has also had Catrofen injections, hydrotherapy and PAUL surgery on both elbows, poor girl.
Louise & Maggie

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Hi Lynsey,
Thanks for the advice.  Our mastiff used to eat off a raised feeder and we had no issues with him but it is something to consider.  I also know quite a few other people with giant breeds such as mine that used raised feeders.
You will be happy to know that Maggie has slept through the night for the past two nights.  I took her back to the vets on Friday after she had been sick on Thursday night and we came to the conclusion that her stomach was upset, she had been on a high dose of steroids, sedated and had her meds up in less than a week, she seems to be so much more comfortable now but I have found this website so useful with ideas that I had not thought of.
I also spoke to the vet and we are starting acupuncture in the new year to try and see if that helps.
Thank you for all your advice on this as I couldn’t see past the sleeplessness and felt rather negative with it all.
Louise & Maggie

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