HELP NEEDED for CBD oil research

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CAM are working with a company to carry out some research on use of CBD oil in dogs for chronic pain and other reasons- does it work? Is it safe? Where do you buy it and how do you know what’s in the product you purchase? What side effects are we seeing? What spears do we really need to see an effect?

Anyone with any input on this topic then please post away!!

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Just to add my boy is still on all his other meds and treatments ie Previcox Yumove advance cartrophen and hydro/ physio.

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I responded to this on Twitter but I’ll add it here as well.

I started Fly my 13 year old border collie on it in April/May this year.  She has arthritis just about everywhere now and also suffers from dementia.  I opted to try Liquid Gold from Simply CBD that also contains Turmeric.  The CBD quickly had a positive effect on the dementia.  Within days she wasn’t panting so much, was less restless, less licking of surfaces and scratching at the floor and pretty much sleeping through the night so for me it was a win on that alone.  She doesn’t get confused as much as long as she is in a familiar area whereas she did get confused before the CBD and seems to be less clingy.

The arthritis it took a bit longer as the dosage was increased, as I’m around her most of the time it is difficult noticing when there are gradual changes.  With the dementia the things she was doing was keeping me awake at night so I could notice that quickly because I was able to get some sleep! Different things have different dosage requirements so it is a balancing act when there are two very different conditions that it can potentially assist with – but after a few weeks she was having fewer and fewer bad days and overall seemed more comfortable and able to settle down and lie somewhere without having to move around and change position so much.  In fact she even managed to join us on a short break away in Oban for two nights which she loved and something we didn’t think she would be joining us on.  We kept the walks and activities short – lots of stopping for a cuppa, but with the exception of a couple of longer walks I did with my youngest dog and going up some of the stairs in the prison museum she was able to do everything.  The last month she has been the best she has been so far this year. I don’t think there has been a single day over the last 4-6 weeks where her tail has been right down.  She’s brighter and pestering to go out and do things.  Took her out swimming at around 5pm one evening last week and at 8pm she was wanting to go out again.  This further improvement coincides with adding a devils claw supplement from Riaflex.  I’m hoping at our next vet visit we can have some change in her medication.  Given her what I think are significant improvements following the inclusion of CBD and the Devils Claw on top of her conventional meds (Loxicom and Tramadol) I would like to think perhaps a different medication could improve things further.  When on just the Loxicom and Tramadol she had so many bad days I was starting to question her quality of life and went weeks where she couldn’t do anything but now she does seem to be enjoying her life again.

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I use CBD with my boy and it really seems to make a difference.   He was on Previcox and Yumove before and cartrophen but would have good days and bad.

He has it 3 times a day .. started to give it him before his morning walk as was just before his meds and he was flagging.. seems to manage a longer walk and is happier..tbese days ie not lagging behind

It’s hard as he does really badly in the heat for a young dog but on his 6.30am walk he did the full hours walk today  which didn’t do for months and was more interactive.

I researched online and joined some groups and learnt to take everything with a pinch of salt there’s alot in these groups that think it will fix everything and conventional meds are bad.  I get mine from Simply CBD which was well recommended in alot of places.

Not seen any side effects but when I tried it made me feel lethargic.  Scout does go and sleep on his own upstairs alot but think he did thst before now he middle aged

I guess dosage is guesswork we started very slow and steady.

Happy to help in any way with any more questions

Anecdotally know two humans who say it def helped their joint pain.

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