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Hi guys !!! So pleased to find out about this group… I am a registered canine hydrotherapist and I am amazed by the powerful message this organisation or group sends and the aims you represent and advocate… Me and couple of my colleagues were wondering if there is anything we could do to help raise the awareness and the knowledge of this serious problem ??

Many thanks and looking forward to hear from you 🙂



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Hi there. So glad you agree that we are spreading an important message and that you find CAM helpful.

Simplest thing you can do is to follow us on social media (facebook, twitter @CAMarthritis and instagram) and share our posts.

We have a host of resources you can use in your clinic or that you could give to local vets practices alongside your own promotional materials and you can get hold of these from

We have a range of products now too such as hats, bandanas for dogs, leads etc that have are logo and all profits so to support CAM.

Any fundraising ideas you have please let us know – a great way to raise awareness and cash!!

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