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I’m at a loss with this. There are so many to choose from. Mister Pickles could do with wearing a harness as he is getting a bit unsteady on his legs. But I have no idea of what to buy.
please can people give me some direction.
Lord Kind-heart Pickles the First deserves the best (within budget) ha ha [ha


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I started using orthopets help em up in December and I’m finding it more and more useful. I’m not at the stage where she needs it all day but she is very happy in it getting up and down car ramp and on her walks. It just gives me a rear handle to offer support when needed.

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Hi Gill,

I really like the Ruff Wear Web Master. Mabel often needs help over rougher ground and the handle enables me to do that, plus it is nice and soft for her. I tried the Julius K9 but thought it was too restrictive around her front legs.


Only the best for Pickles Gill!

We have run a survey on our Facebook page before now, and the most popular kinds were the Ruff Wear Web Master, Ortho-Pet Help ‘Em Up and Perfect Fit by Dog-Games. The Julius K9 is one we see a lot of our clients using. I guess it depends exactly what you want it for – does Pickles just need support out walking now and then? Do you need to lift him at all? Does he need help getting out of bed and so needs one to sleep in?

Link to survey here:

SURVEY TIME CAM regularly advises owners to purchase harnesses for their older dogs, but what are people…

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