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Can anyone suggest to whether I should change from a dog collar to a harness for our boy barley
9 year old lab and is arthritic in both front elbows
he does not generally pull on the lead unless he meets some of his playmates
does this put unnecessary strain on his front joints when he does pull and would a harness be better for this?
any recommendations please and if so any thoughts on what type of harness or stick to a collar
thanks all

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Hi Keith,

We are fans of harnesses here at CAM, because dogs tend to take a lot of strain on their shoulders and neck, and the neck has so many important structures – trachea, larynx, jugulars to name but a few!
Many dogs do lean into their collars which can lead to compensatory changes in the muscles. This doesn’t mean you HAVE to have one, but they do become very useful as arthritis progresses, as it means you can help to stabilise a dog who is unsteady on their feet, take some weight when they are struggling with particular terrain, help  them to their feet etc For this reason we love the harnesses with handles. We have a fleece lined one in our shop www.camonlineshop.com which is a nice lightweight one for everyday use and comfy enough to leave on in the house. You will need to consider how they go on, as he won’t appreciate his elbows being lifted to put one on, so it needs to fasten without having to do this.  We like the Ruffwear harnesses, but they’re not the best for dogs with elbow arthritis….. And  Orthopets Helpemup – but this is probably better for more debilitated dogs.

There are a few posts about harnesses on the canine arthritis management product review page, and lots of chat about our own one to help you decide.

By the way, what a gorgeous boy he is!

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