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please could anyone advise if Galliprant is available in the UK?


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Hi Kathryn

Thank you so very much for your reply.   My 9 yr old GSD was diagnosed at 2and a half with arthritis and so far I’ve managed his condition without the use of NSAIDS.   I use a photizo laser unit and supplement his diet with nutraquin, nutramed, green lipped mussel extract, MSM, CBD oil, turmeric and Devils claw.   I feel that the time has come to now give him something a little stronger and was hopeful the Galliprant was available as my huge worry is the effects on his kidneys.   May I ask your thoughts on Onsior which is what my orthopaedic vet has prescribed?


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It is not currently available in the UK but hopefully will soon be licenced. It works in a different way to all the other NSAIDs that are currently available in the UK (but still ultimately has an effect on prostaglandins, the cause of inflammation) so there is no exact alternative here yet.

Some currently NSAID drugs will affect less types of COX receptors than others so in theory would have less associated side effects.

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