Galliprant not working yet

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Scout has elbow displaysia and has had surgery for FCP in both sides.  One side def worse than the other.  He has arthritis as a result
Nothing seems  to work.. second round of PRP has done nothing (first seemed to work a bit) he’s been bad the past few weeks on his regular previcox he has had a few days off as had a suspected blockage and had gastro issues.
Thought would try Galliprant but he’s been even worse wouldn’t walk at all today (day 3) . The warm weather doesn’t help he hates it.
He is only 6 and basically is moping around at home being miserable and can’t even do a nice 10 min walk.
How long should we give the Galliprant? I can’t help but think should have seen some improvement by now.  He wasn’t exactly doing great on the Previcox  either.  The previxox gave us an improvement within 2 hours when we started.
Left message with the specialist and our regular vet is back on Tuesday.

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Well got the answer to that one.. he’s been eating grass like mad and has just been sick in the garden.  It’s the third episode of vomiting in 3 weeks including one bad one when he was scanned for a blockage.  He had full bloods (Just high white blood cells) and tests for pancreatitis came back negative and nothing nasty on the tummy scan .  He had thyroid tests too… one T4 came back flagged as low but no one seems worried

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Thank you for the reply it’s something been thinking about.
He’s had his Galliprant today early but he’s very restless today won’t settle.  Think was restless before he had it thinking about it.  Wandering about aimlessly.
Not sure whether to ask vet about other pain meds can have along side for now and when to try Previcox.  Trouble is the vets take rotation on a Saturday so he has such a long history  don’t always get best answer if not my regular  and what with galliprant bring so new  .. I’m sure they will be able to get the answer though

Just feeling a bit helpless about it all today

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Sorry this will be brief …I just wrote a good reply and it disappeared … Bahhhh
I would advise you ask to have a chronic pain specialist work with your vet and orthopaedic vet..they may help desk with the current pain whilst you hopefully get some control of the pathology in the joint
Sorry you’re having a tough time. X

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