Gabapentin and Stage 3 Kidney disease

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My 14 year old dog has been prescribed Gabapentin 200mg every 12hr for his increasing lameness due to ED and associated OA but has Stage 3 kidney disease, what is the likely impact on his kidneys? Should I approach my vet and ask about Galliprant?
Prior to his CKD diagnosis in January 2018 he was on Meloxidyl, Yumove and Arden Grange food however he has had no pain relief or anti-inflammatories until December when I tried Pardale V which doesn’t agree with him. Thank you

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Hi Stephanie, just to add to what Hannah said, yes the kidneys need to rid gabapentin out of the body – this is the normal route. However, gabapentin will not further damage the kidneys and using the lower end of the dose range should be fine as far as avoiding the drug building up in the body. Gabapentin overall is a very safe drug and the only real side effects we see are drowsiness, wobbliness and sometimes low mood. I don’t know how big your dog is to be able to say if his dose is low end or not.
The other thing you can speak to your vet about – gabapentin is quite short acting and works well given 3 times daily but this means you need to be in early afternoon to give it. It sometimes means you can give a lower overall dose (e.g 100mg three times a day instead of 200mg twice). You must speak to your vet before changing anything though as we can’t interfere with treatment. Vets don’t generally advise 3 x daily as many people can’t manage such frequent dosing.
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