Front legs licked and bitten raw

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Hi all, my girl whose nearly 8 has a constricted iliopsoas muscle, dehydrated disc at l1 s7, she’s hypothyroid, and has bad arthritis in both shoulders.  She recently had xrays that shows she has arthritis in all 6 joints on both legs.  She has just had her meds changed to previcox and gabapentin, so I will see how they go, she has cartrophen injections youmove advance and b12 injections.  She has for the past few weeks locked and bitten her front legs raw from ankle to wrists, she has Apoquel and isoderm gel, I use leucilian.  She has and do still wear a cone every night when I’m in bed for the past 12 weeks, but still gets to them.  I don’t know what more I can do and I’m hoping someone can help. Thanks in advance.

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Poor you…this is an extremely hard case to manage and it sounds like you’re doing your best.
It is very hard to advise via words but my thoughts are
Is the iliopsoas secondary to lumbosacral pain (L7S1 disc problem you mention) as it is often secondary to spinal issues as it starts guarding movement in the spine so becomes overworked…treatment options for lumbosacral pain is difficult – the previcox and gabapentin should help but gabapentin may need playing with it something else being trialed …to discuss with your vet or ask for a pain specialist referral
Laser acupuncture and therapeutic exercises are good for these issues
I assume the arthritis you mention in all the joints is in the frontlegs? And you assume that is causing the chewing?
You mention apoquel ..does your dog have allergies? And this chewing is not related to.the joints? If this is case then your vet can suggest further investigation such a sellotape strips and scrapes to ensure no parasites causing issues and looking at what the surface flora is and if other topical or antibiotics are required.
Again the meds you are on can be tweaked with regards to pain…and it is now common practice for vets to discuss cases with specialists especially pain management.

I hope this helps x

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