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Hi – would anybody be able to recommend some activities/exercises to engage my elbow-arthritic staffie’s glutes, rather than his already well-developed hamstrings?  He’s a little weedy in that area and needs building up for better overall musculoskeletal balance.  Thanks!

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Thanks, Hannah!  I can’t claim credit for identifying the imbalance – I travelled down to Haywards Heath for a Galen canine massage workshop on Friday (following positive comments by Holly’s Army) and Julia spotted his weedy bum!  My boy is having physio but it’s currently focussed on strengthening his elbows and shoulders, so I’ll raise the glutes issue at his next appointment after Easter.
Have a good one!
Ingrid xx

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hey there…
wow … very impressed that you have noted the imbalance!! good stuff
You are definitely right to be looking at targeted exercises such as this… but the problem is without looking at why there is imbalance then we could give you poor advice that could make the cause worse.
for example …. are the glutes switching off because of weight shifting from the forequarters to the hind quarters causing him to bring his hindlimbs underneath him more to transfer centre of balance more cranially, which results in a more kyphotic lumbar spine, increased hip flexion and less ROM through the hips…. or are his hips also painful?
It is always very difficult to give bespoke advice like this without seeing the dog. And it is a big debate at the mo with the growth in interest in telemedicine.
I would hand on heart advise you to see a trained physio on a few occasions to get a plan tailored to you and your dog and their condition as poor glutes don’t have a single cause, and we could make it worse thing we can target activity to that region

I hope that helps xxx

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